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About Us:
At AH Accounting & Training Services, our goal is to provide practical and affordable Accounting, MYOB, Xero, Payroll, and other practical training courses to a variety of individuals, including small business owners, employees, job-seekers, and community organisations. These courses are essential for anyone looking to improve their skillset or start their own business, as well as those seeking employment in office administration, finance, booking, and accounting fields.

Our founder, Abdullah Hussaini, has a strong passion for helping and empowering individuals through knowledge and education. With a BMS degree in accounting from Waikato University and over 10 years of accounting and teaching experience, Abdullah has trained over 2500 learners in New Zealand and over 1200 learners in 38 other countries worldwide. He is an MYOB, Xero and Xero Payroll Certified Advisor.

AH Accounting & Training Services takes pride in our supportive education community, which has benefited over 3700 learners and counting. Our happy and satisfied learners have given us 100% variable 5-star reviews, ensuring that you’ll gain practical skills and be a valuable member of our education community. Join us on our education community Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ahaccounting and become a part of our community today!

Our Vision:
Make knowledge and education affordable and accessible to as many people as we can.

Our Mission:
Provide comprehensive yet easy-to-understand and practical training courses in business, Accounting, MYOB, Xero, Payroll and other career related fields.