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Testimonials from Our Clients

Testimonials from Individual Training Clients

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“I would like to take this chance to thank you for being such a remarkable MYOB trainer. I’m grateful for your patience, knowledge and skills in using Accounting software’s such as MYOB, XERO Accounting and Payrolls which you have passed down to me. Also, I appreciate the countless helpful email you’ve sent to me related to my studies.

I still appreciate all the efforts you put into every teaching session. In addition, I do enjoy your lesson because of your passion in teaching Accounting. So, I hope that you would continue your inspiration because I have learnt a lot of things from you. You have a great teaching style and techniques using material from different sources and combine them into a simplified version which is easy for us to understand. For example your MYOB book is so simple and helpful for beginner like me to understand the MYOB functions.

You inspired me to work harder. You guide me steadily and corrected my mistakes in accounting. You are a friendly and understanding tutor and helped me to communicate with other people better. And last but not least, you have a very unique way of teaching using the internet as a source to teach things for each lesson. So overall, I had a fun and enriching time learning from you. My small suggestion to you is to write a book in XERO Accounting which will be helpful for your future students. You got an excellent way of presenting things in simple way rather than complicated ways. In childhood I heard about a saying that “Perfection is not a small thing! But small things make perfection”. This is very true in your teaching style, you bring the perfection in teaching through organizing and co-ordinating the small thing which includes all aspects of accounting.

I have met a lot of accounting tutors in my life, but without any hesitation I can say from my heart that you are the best Accounting tutor I have met until now. May the almighty God shower all the blessing to you and your family”.


“I have had the privilege of attending two MYOB courses, namely accounting and payroll, presented by Abdullah Hussaini.The course content was clear and accompanied by written instructions in both courses. I have found Abdullah very willing to repeat explanations and instructions where it was not clearly understood. I appreciated his friendly attitude when dealing with immigrants who did not always understand English very well.

He is very patient, helpful and willing to accept queries by e-mail even after the course is completed.

I would not hesitate to recommend him for any courses that Abdullah may present.”


More Testiominals

I found the training very useful, the booklet provided for learning is easily understandable. The class environment is open and friendly. I enjoyed the hours i spent here, even if you have little knowledge of the language, you can gain a lot from this trainning." - Munib
I thoroughly enjoyed this MYOB experience and found that sessions moved at a pace that was beneficial to me as both a learner and individual. Great course well constructed.” - Sarah
I found Abdullah Hussaini very informative and helpful and providing me with the knowledge of MYOB to add to my CV.” - Diana
Thank you Abdullah for a well structured course. I found that the course covered a number of different situations and i learnt a lot from it. Thanks for all your assistance.” - John
I enjoyed the MYOB course, found it hard going at the beginning, with my computer skills, so i learnt heaps.” - Helen
A great way to learn with very good support from the teacher and his support manual.” - Lyn
A well run course with very good support notes. I am very happy with Abdullah and will diffinitely contact him when i need to do more advanced courses.” - Wendy
Good resouces provided. Lots of practice to handle novice like us. Practical sessions were provided to ensure illustrating of the software. Good teaching method.” - Shalini
Before i do this course, i had no idea how MYOB works, i knew the manul accounting process and financial report but nothing computrised. I am amazed about MYOB, the way it can produce all required reports in seconds. It is so fast and reliable.” - Tibwere
At first, i found MYOB as huge to learn for the limited time. But as we went on with learning and read the book, i learnt a lot and it was not hard to follow. I still need to study more before i can do it without reading the book but i think igot the main point. My expectation to meet the learning is almost there. This course gave me the confidence to apply for administration job.” - Martites
This MYOB course gave me a good knowledge update about basic accounting concepts. I am confident enough to handle MYOB Software after practing the training programe. It also gave me a good knowledge about the legal aspect and law about accounting i should know. I am looking forward to do the MYOB payroll course with them.” - Kothai