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MYOB Payroll

Certificate in MYOB Payroll, 2016

Certificate in MYOB Payroll 2016

MYOB Software is used by over 1.2 million businesses in New Zealand & Australia!

Knowledge and confidence are essential to your success in life, business and career. Discover how you can gain comprehensive knowledge of accounting and become a confident MYOB Payroll user in just 4 weeks.

Certificate in MYOB Payroll Course 2016  is designed to teach you step by step how to process huge Payroll transactions in the real business setting using MYOB Payroll. In additional to MYOB Payroll software funtions, you will also develop a good understanding knowledge of all legislation involving payroll and employment related issues. The course walks you through to the entire accounting and MYOB Payroll processes and you learn MYOB Payroll from scratch.

From the very beginning, every click you make in MYOB Payroll you have a brief and clear explanation in plain english as well as an interactive corresponding screenshot with the answer for you to check before you move on to the next section.

Since you have answer for every exercise and working with real and related business transactions, you are always sure that you are learning correctly and understand how both accounting and MYOB Payroll processes work.

The course is taught step by step covering MYOB Payroll functions in great details with answer for every sections and exercises. The course suits all skill levels and no previous knowledge of accounting or MYOB Payroll is required as it covers accounting, legislation and MYOB from the very beginning right through to end extensively in progressive manner.

Don’t take my words for it, see the actual testimonials from my business clients and individual learners who have taken this course by watching the testimonial video below.

MYOB Payroll Topics covered:

  • Create new payroll file
  • Setup payroll file and details
  • Create employee and enter details
  • Setup taxable & non-taxable allowances
  • Setup pre-tax & psot-tax decutions
  • Setup employee leave, track leave balance
  • Setup employee kiwi saver
  • Setup holiday pay for causual employee
  • Enter employee history
  • Process weekly, fortnightly & monthly pay
  • Setup employee bank account
  • Setup employee payslip for print & email
  • Correct payroll mistakes
  • Edit and delete past payrun
  • Reverse pay
  • Edit and delete employee
  • Setup casual & Fixed term employee
  • Deal with sickleave & annual leave
  • Deal with employee termination
  • Print monthly IRD reports
  • File monthly IRD returns one
  • Setup payroll password
  • Change PAYE period
  • Backup your company file
  • Understand payroll requirements
  • Password protect employees’ payslips
  • Pay by cheque
  • Create PDF reports

We can also provide customised and specific training to your business as well to suit your business needs.

Contact us to enroll in this course see how you can become a confident MYOB Payroll user in just for weeks!