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Accounting for Beginners

Accounting for Beginners

Certificate in Accounting for Beginners (valued $230)

Cost: Free if you are buying either MYOB AccountRight, MYOB Essential and XERO courses, $99 if you buying just this course online.


MYOB, XERO & all other accounting software packages are designed by expert accountants to handle large volume of accounting transactions by automating most of the accounting processes.

Because most of the of accounting processes are automated in all accounting software package, you as the user of the software won’t see behind the scene processes and therefore your usage of the software with basic accounting knowledge is very limited.

This certificate in Accounting for Beginners course will help you gain the necessary accounting knowledge you require in order to use MYOB,XERO and any other accounting software packages in an efficient and correct manner.

This is especially useful for people no accounting knowledge or experience however I strongly recommend for people with accounting knowledge as well as this course is designed with the learners’s needs in mind and it is totally different in its approach to other accounting courses you have taken in high school or university.

It is very simple and effective covering all basics you need to know in order to do the account for business using accounting software packages.

In this course you will learn:

  • Learn & apply basic account concepts
  • Understand asset, liability, income, expense and owner’s equity
  • Learn accounting equations and transaction analysis
  • Understand double entry accounting concepts and techniques
  • Create accounting journal entry and understand how debits and credits work
  • Post journal entries into ledgers
  • Prepare and understand trial balance report
  • Understand and interpret financial statements
  • Understand the concept of depreciation
  • Distinguish between capital and revenue expenditures
  • Understand the difference between business and personal entities
  • Understand owner’s drawings
  • Understand Owner’s contribution

We can also offer you one-to-one customised accounting training for your business.

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